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You earn for your future. We reinvest in you and your community. This is what banking for a greater good looks like.

  • You deserve to earn one of the highest certificate rates in the country1
  • $1,000 minimum with no maximum deposit limit*
  • Safe and secure returns; federally insured by NCUA up to $250,000
  • Lock in 4.25% for 3 months*
  • Start earning in minutes—join GLCU online, at a branch, or call!

Open Today!

Call us at (800) 982-7850

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Open a 3-month Certificate in minutes. Already a member? Give us a call at 1-800-982-7850.

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Here’s what you’ll need to apply:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Current home address
  • U.S. driver’s license
  • Social Security number
  • Employment information
  • Joint owner information (if applicable)

Fund your account

Deposit money into your certificate via:

  • Your opening deposit (can be ACH payment)
  • Transfer from an existing account via phone, messaging through online banking, or in-person at any GLCU branch

Start earning

You’ll receive confirmation of your completed transaction.

  • Members who open the certificate by calling will receive a disclosure in the mail.
  • View your balance online or in the GLCU mobile banking app.

Open Today!

Call us at (800) 982-7850


What Our Members Say

“I have always received great service over the years. I’ll never regret switching from Chase to Great Lakes. It’s more personal in every way for all the services that I have needed. I also feel more secure here.”

-James H., -March 25, 2023


Great Lakes Credit Union Share Certificate FAQs

Q: What is Great Lakes Credit Union?

A: Great Lakes Credit Union is a leading financial institution that services Chicagoland area members, businesses, and communities. Credit Unions provide the same services as banks but they’re not-for-profit, which means credit unions reinvest their profits to get their members lower rates and better products. One of the foundational pillars of GLCU is giving back to its communities through volunteerism, scholarships, providing financial services in low-income communities, and empowering its members. GLCU believes in banking for a greater good.

Q: What is a "share certificate?"

A: A "share certificate", also called a "certificate" is a financial product offered by a bank or credit union. The “purchaser” of the certificate agrees to deposit a certain amount for a fixed period. The deposit earns a guaranteed fixed interest rate though the certificate term.

Q: Can I add more funds to a certificate of deposit once it’s open?

A: Certificates cannot be added to once they are created. Members may open additional certificates; however, additions to existing certificates are not allowed.

Q: What happens when my certificate matures?

A: Once this certificate matures, it is set to automatically roll over into another 3-month certificate at the same or similar rate. Members can speak with a member specialist and decline renewal at maturity or request to roll over to a longer term.

Q: Is my money safe and secure?

A: Yes! NCUA federally insures all Great Lakes Credit Union accounts up to $250,000.

Q: How is interest on the certificate calculated? When is the interest added to my account?

A: Interest accumulates each month based on the APY/Dividend rate associated with the product and is added to the account monthly.

Q: What if I must take my money out of the 3-month certificate early?

A: Early withdrawal will be subject to a penalty or fee(s).

1Comparison accurate as of 5/1/23. Source: DepositAccounts.com

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. All dividend rates and APY may change at any time. The APYs shown above assume that all principal and dividends remain on deposit for the entire term. Fees could reduce earnings on the above accounts. Penalties apply for early withdrawal from Share Certificates. Additional account information is provided in separate Account Disclosures. Funds earn dividends from the first business day of deposit and are compounded daily and posted monthly. Accrued dividends are forfeited if account is closed prior to monthly dividend posting. Fees or other conditions may reduce earnings.

$1,000 Minimum to open account. Must maintain average daily balance of $1,000 to earn the above stated dividend.