1. Threatening to use any type of weapon

  2. Harassment that is based on protected status*, is sexual in nature, or harassment in general such as; discriminatory slurs, jokes, negative stereotyping, racial, ethnic or religious epithets, and written or graphic material that shows hostility to an individual or group

  3. Demonstration of perceived disruptive and/or aggressive behavior or dialogue, including bullying behavior, such as:

    • Interfering with, destroying or damaging GLCU property to include desk items, workstation, tools or equipment, or other interference with an employee's ability to perform their job;
    • Name calling
  4. Comments, actions or behaviors that are designed to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, disparage, demean, or show disrespect to an employee

We are committed to living out our purpose to bring people together to improve the financial well-being of our members and our communities. We must work together to create a safe and welcoming environment at GLCU for everyone.