About Us

Our Story

In 1938, Great Lakes Credit Union (GLCU) was organized by William E. Elliott, President of Local 167 - National Federation of Federal Employees, with an uncomplicated concept: to create a financial institution which put the best interests of the members first, allowing civil servants to borrow money at reasonable rates, and have a safe place to save for the future. When GLCU was established, there was no financial institution in the local area and in those early days, Civil Servants were paid in cash. GLCU’s Treasurer set up a desk at the end of the government Disbursing Officer’s pay line to collect deposits and loan payments from members. The day’s receipts were then placed in a tin Cash Box.

Moving through the years, annual membership and asset growth came fast due to GLCU’s visionary Board of Directors and dedicated forward thinking employees. The development and integration of new innovative products and services were added to focus on the financial needs of people. Customer service remained GLCU’s top priority.

Today, GLCU carries on the tradition of developing those innovative products and services often saving you money with low interest rate loans, high dividend checking and lower service fees than most competing financial institutions. GLCU's staff has more than 1,750 years combined experience. We put “you” first and want to make your partnership with GLCU a seamless and service oriented relationship.