You can now check your credit score each time you login to Online Banking! 

To activate Your Credit Score, simply scroll to the bottom of your initial login page and follow the prompts. Once your account is set up, you will see your updated credit score underneath your accounts each time you log in.

As an added bonus, you will get email alerts from Your Credit Score (SavvyMoney) if there are changes to your score or if your score stays the same! Here are some of the other email topics:

  • No new alerts
  • You have a credit score update
  • You have a new alert
  • You will even receive an email if you have not checked your credit score in Online Banking in the past three months!

This tool will help you better understand your credit score and educate you on ways to improve it. If you sign up for alerts, you will receive a heads up if any changes occur - giving you peace of mind.


  • This NEW tool is FREE and participation is optional
  • Once you sign up, you can access your score anytime
  • This will NOT affect your credit score

We've included helpful Q&As to answer any questions you might have:

Q: How does Your Credit Score differ from other credit scoring offerings?
A: SavvyMoney pulls your credit profile from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, and uses VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring model developed collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This model seeks to make score information more uniform between the three bureaus to provide consumers a better picture of their credit health.

Q: How does Your Credit Score keep my financial information secure?
A: Your Credit Score uses bank level encryption and security measures to keep your data safe and secure. Your personal information is never shared with or sold to a third party.

Q: What if the information provided by Your Credit Score appears to be wrong or inaccurate?
A: Your Credit Score makes its best effort to show you the most relevant information from your credit report. If you think that some of the information is wrong or inaccurate, we encourage you to take advantage of obtaining free credit reports from, and then pursuing with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its own process for correcting inaccurate information but every user can “File a Dispute” by clicking on the “Dispute” link within Your Credit Report. The Federal Trade Commission website offers step-by-step instructions on how to contact the bureaus and correct errors.

Q: Will accessing Your Credit Score ‘ping’ my credit and potentially lower my credit score?
A: No. Checking Your Credit Score is a “soft inquiry”, which does not affect your credit score.  Lenders use ‘hard inquiries’ to make decisions about your credit worthiness when you apply for loans.

Q: Does GLCU use my Savvy Money credit score for lending purposes?
A: GLCU uses another scoring model when you apply for a credit union loan product; we are unable use the Savvy Money score. Please note, there may be differences between the Savvy Money score and the model GLCU uses.