Tap to Pay GLCU Visa® Debit Cards

Person at store using contactless pay

You asked, we listened. GLCU Visa® debit cards now have tap to pay functionality and feature a sleek and modern design.

Enjoy the convenience and security of paying with a quick tap.


Benefits of Tap to Pay Payments

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A Secure Checkout Experience
Tap to pay payments are just as secure as payments made with a contact chip card.


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A Convenient Way to Pay
Enjoy the convenience of tap to pay. No expertise needed.


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Fast and Easy
Tap to pay for a fast checkout experience. Use your new debit card anywhere you see the Contactless Symbol.



Helping Our Members for Over 85 Years

As a GLCU member, you’re banking for a greater good
and supporting the financial empowerment of your community.



GLCU Tap to Pay Visa® Debit Card FAQs

Q: How does tap to pay work?

A: Look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout – that’s where you can use tap to pay. Simply hold your tap to pay debit card, wearable device, or mobile device one to two inches away from the Contactless Symbol on the terminal to pay. No actual tapping is required.

Q: How safe is tap to pay?

A: Tap to pay is just as secure as inserting or swiping a card. When you tap to pay, a one-time code is generated, protecting your payment information. Each time you use tap to pay for an in-person transaction, a new code is generated.

You also won’t be charged multiple times if you accidentally tap more than once. And because tap to pay requires you to hold your payment method within two inches of the payment terminal, other tap to pay cards that you have in your wallet won’t be charged.

Q: Can I still swipe or insert my tap to pay debit card if I don’t see the Contactless Symbol when checking out?

A: Yes, you can swipe or use the chip on your tap to pay debit card, even if the Contactless Symbol isn’t on the payment terminal.