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Get a fresh start for your finances, with GLCU’s Fresh Checking, Certified by BankOn

We understand and value that every member has their own unique story. Our Fresh Checking, certified by BankOn, gives members the opportunity to tell that story while building financial history and gaining access to a checking account. GLCU is committed to helping people build their finances, and Fresh Checking can help!


Build your financial future with GLCU Fresh Checking

  • Get a fresh start and build your relationship with GLCU
  • Certified by BankOn, the CFE’s Fund’s national platform that connects consumers to safe, affordable bank accounts
  • Rebuild or establish positive financial history
  • No minimum monthly balance requirement
  • Open with only a $25 initial deposit
  • Instant issue debit card
  • 24/7 access via mobile and online banking
  • Be eligible for GLCU’s interest-bearing Free Checking after a period of positive financial history!

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Note: There are some restrictions with Fresh Checking accounts. For a complete list and details about the Fresh Checking account, please contact us!

*Subject to change without notice. Transition from Fresh to Free Checking is not guaranteed and depends on account history and other factors.