Why is the website changing?
We’ve heard you! We want to make the digital experience easy to navigate and present a refreshed look based on member feedback.

What are the new features?
The improved design and layout include:

1. A new single-feature banner to announce a spotlight product.

  • The new homepage banner will only highlight one product, not multiple sliders with multiple products.
  • Product campaigns will appear further down the homepage under feature slider as a single showcase. (See the image “New feature slider” below)


2. New feature slider – will list up to three product campaigns or announcements.



3. New pop-up alert section

  • Users will now have the option expand or close alerts.
  • When closed, an exclamation point will appear on the top navigation bar to let the user know there is an alert they may wish to review.

4. Simplified navigation bar

  • The new navigation bar will display clickable headings for: alerts, pay loan, search, log in access, and the hamburger menu.

The current main menu items in the navigation bar will now also be accessible from the hamburger menu

  • This allows for simplicity of action.
  • Assuming the user is on the homepage to only log into online banking, they don’t always need to see the menu list.
  • If they need to access any menu items, they can click the hamburger menu.
  • The main navigation menu is also available in the footer.

Will access or the website address change?
No. The website URL is still glcu.org and all the pages and links are the same.

Will any of the login features change?
No. Logging into online banking or MeridianLink to Apply and Pay Loan will remain the same.

Logging into ONLINE BANKING 24/7 will remain the same as well

Click the log in button to view your account, pay bills, transfer funds, and more. Pay Loan will allow members to make: a one-time payment, recurring payments, and edits to their payment.

Have products moved within the main menu?
No. Major banking products can still be found in the menu under BANK. Any products relating to borrowing will be in the menu under BORROW.

BANK, BORROW, INVESTMENT, INSURANCE, 24/7 ACCESS, and ABOUT US are still the main menu categories, with one exception: we have added RATES AND FEES to the main menu.


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