Great Lakes Credit Union (GLCU) invites your kids on a Jurassic journey to financial wellness. Get ready for a dino-mite Youth Savings Month this April! With this year’s theme, “Be a Credit Union Saver and Your Savings will Never Go Extinct,” GLCU’s young savers and their families will receive tips on how to be a Saversaurus and learn the importance of saving at a young age. GLCU members and visitors will go back in time to the Cretaceous period with dinosaur-themed branches. Children that open a new youth account or add $20.00 to their existing account, will receive a GLCU tote bag full of goodies, including a free ticket to see "Dinos Everywhere" at Brookfield Zoo! The exhibit, which was created by the advisor of “Jurassic Park”, has more than 40 animatronic dinosaurs throughout the zoo. GLCU will be holding contests, raffles, and many more fun and educational dinosaur themed activities all throughout April.  

As more Americans seek financial guidance and more credit unions begin to offer services like financial counseling, it’s essential to consider initiatives that educate young members. If parents have trouble managing money, you can imagine that it’s going to be even more challenging for them to have conversations about money with their kids. GLCU can serve as an ally for parents in their mission to teach their kids to be financially responsible. GLCU helps members and our communities by providing tools, resources, and products to help them achieve their financial goals.

If you have been wondering how to empower youth to save for their future, National Credit Union Youth Month is an excellent opportunity to start or boost youth initiatives! Join us this April as credit unions across the country focus on educating youth about financial health. This year’s kid-friendly theme emphasizes the benefits of wise saving habits using fun dinosaur characters. This celebration is a great time to engage kids at GLCU and your community to help them develop healthy money habits.


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