Avoid Skimmers at fuel pumps

Avoid Skimmers at fuel pumps

Unfortunately, skimming at gas stations has been on the rise. Thieves will place a device in gas station pumps to scan your card and access your money. Here are some helpful ways to protect your information.


To insert a skimmer into a fuel pump, criminals must open the fuel dispenser door. Look at the card reader to see if anything appears odd before fueling. You can also tug lightly on the card reader to make sure nothing is loose.

If something looks suspicious, tell the clerk and find a different gas station.



When fueling, stick to gas pumps that the counter clerk can see. A fraudster would have an easier time messing with a machine not directly in sight of the person operating the station.



As technology advances, skimmers have become harder to locate because they are becoming smaller. Here are some more ways to keep your information safe:

  • Pay inside

There is less chance a thief placed a card scanner on the inside of the gas station or convenience store.

  • Use your debit card as "credit"

If a credit card number is stolen, they are taking the company’s money. You are protected by the card’s zero-liability policy.

If a scammer was to get ahold of your debit card number and PIN they would have your money. After you insert your card, select "Credit" as the payment option. This gives you some financial protection with your credit union or bank when using "Debit".

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