People happy about a fee change

With inflation surging to its highest level in three decades, GLCU has cut a number of fees to ensure our loyal members have a little extra in their pockets each month to help with everyday expenses. It’s just another part of how GLCU is committed to positioning members for financial success.

GLCU’s fee changes include:

  • Removal of out-of-network ATM withdrawal fee
  • Removal of replacement debit/ATM card issuance fee*
  • Removal of overdraft protection transfer fee
  • Removal of the monthly Fresh Checking fee

For a complete list of fee changes that can immediately impact your cash flow and more information on other savings click here.

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*There is no fee on non-expedited replacement debit or ATM cards. There is no fee on the first three requests for expedited replacement debit or ATM cards. If a member makes more three requests for expedited replacement of debit or ATM cards in a year, they would incur a fee.

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