Password Security

Make sure you take advantage of these great ways to add some extra security to your information with your passwords.

Never Share.

When it comes to your passwords, the rule of thumb is that you should never share them. Your password is for you and you only. Do NOT share it with anyone. If you do give it out to a friend, they could accidentally pass it along.

Simple Stinks.

Stay away from simple passwords that could easily be guessed. Avoid using information that is easily searchable, like your name, birthdate, age, pet’s name, etc. You should also stay away from passwords like 12345, password, abc123, ect.

Use different passwords for every website. If you use the same password for multiple websites, you are more likely to be a victim of identity theft. Try having a specific password for each site, so in case one of your passwords is discovered, you don’t lose all of your information.

Phrase It Up.

By creating a phrase, it will be easier for you to remember and harder for hackers to guess.

Something like: Giraffes are yellow and have brown dots

Cut out the spaces: Giraffesareyellowandhavebrowndots

Switch out some of the letter with symbols: [email protected][email protected]&[email protected]$

You now have a great password that is easy for you to remember and hard to figure out.

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