When is the best time to buy items that tend to be more expensive? Here are the best times to buy in 2018! A major price is a given for every major purchase – or is it? If you time your buys right, you’ll save a ton. Here are the best things to buy during each month of the year!

February: Prepare for winter

Take stock of your winter gear this month! Retailers are clearing out the last of the season's merchandise, so you'll find great deals on winter coats and thermal clothes, as well as on heaters and humidifiers. 

March: Get in shape

March is the month to pick up bargain-priced exercise gear. Treadmills and elliptical equipment are past their peak season, so retailers want them out. Sports equipment, like golf clubs and athletic wear, are also deeply discounted.

April: Tech out!

Japanese manufacturers usually roll out new product lines in March. If you’re OK with being a year behind, you can buy a fully functional laptop or big-screen TV in April. Tax refund-themed sales also make it cheaper to upgrade your technological goods.

May: Around the house

Many home improvement shops put their tools and other supplies on sale in the spring. Graduation time also means dorm-stocking essentials, like pots and cooking appliances, will be discounted.

June: Think thrifty

Now that everyone’s done spring-cleaning, thrift stores are stuffed with donated second-hand goods. You’ll find bargains on everything – and especially great deals on used furniture and clothes.

July: School supplies

Late July marks back-to-school time and the season retailers gear up for school shopping. Look for promotions if you need to buy a computer. Otherwise, stock up on pens, paper and other office essentials.

August: Beat the heat

August is when major appliance retailers start shifting their inventories from cooling to heating. Look for discounts on cool appliances like window AC units and dehumidifiers.

September: Big-ticket

Now’s the time to grab last year’s major appliances, like dishwashers and refrigerators, before the new ones roll out. Also, new Apple accessories typically come out in late fall, making September the best month for upgrading your device.

October: Cars and cruises

The new model year for cars begins in late summer. Dealers are desperate to move inventory, so you can get a good price on the current year’s models. This month is also quiet season for cruise lines, so many of them will run specials.

November: Game on

Christmas season is in high gear, and major retailers are competing for gamer bucks. You’ll find the best bundles with the hottest games for the lowest prices in November.

December: Cheers!

In a paradox of economics, when champagne demand is high, the price goes down. If you’ve got a major event coming up, December is a great time to stock up on bubbly.


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