As we all prepare for 2019, Great Lakes Credit Union has some exciting news to share with you!

Times are changing. Companies are evolving and GLCU is right on track to take the same path as many innovative and progressive organizations. We are thankful for your continued membership and loyalty. Many of you have provided us with feedback that will aid Great Lakes Credit Union in making improvements to enhance how we serve you, and the products and services we provide.

As part of our evolution, GLCU is introducing an updated version of our existing logo, which pays homage to our past, present and will represent us well in the future.

A banner depicting the GLCU logo transition

We want to communicate the change to you so that when you see the modernized logo you will not be surprised. We are still Great Lakes Credit Union and are proud of our 80-years of service to the communities we serve. GLCU is headquartered in Northern Illinois and our decisions are made locally by your friends and neighbors.

Our plan is to phase in this updated logo, which means not all of the changes will happen at once. For example, you will see our updated logo on our website, mobile app, letterhead, statements, etc. However, you will continue to see our existing logo on outdoor signage at our branches - the plan is to update them in the future.

We sincerely hope you like our new look and continue to consider Great Lakes Credit Union for all your financial needs today and in the future.

From all of us at GLCU, have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!


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