School is back in session! To start this school year off right, here are a few great tips on how to save money.

For a Rainy Day.

Unexpected expenses happen. It’s important to try and prepare for these situations, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To help make the process stress-free, GLCU offers a Spend and Save program – an automatic saving service. With each transaction you make, GLCU will roundup the total to the nearest dollar and transfer your “change” into your savings account. This makes saving money that much easier.

DIY Coffee.

While it is so much easier to order a cup of coffee at the corner shop on your way to class, the up-charge on that cup of energy can be outlandish. By simply taking an extra 10 minutes in the morning to make a home brewed cup, you will save hundreds of dollars throughout the school year.

Free Stuff.

Go to your school’s calendar and see what type of activities they are hosting. Most campuses have set up dates that offer free entertainment for students like movie nights, open mic nights, and other social events.

You should also look into student discounts. You can usually find a list of places with the discounts labeled on your school’s website. Businesses around the campus tend to give discounts to students with a school ID.

Tummy Shopping.

Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Recent studies have shown that you are more likely to purchase junk foods while shopping hungry than you are with a full belly. In order to make the best decisions while shopping, try having a meal before venturing out into the land of aisles.

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