It's easy to stay in touch with important account information with our free Touch Tone Teller service. To get started, simply call: (800) 982-7850 and follow the prompts.

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Balance Inquiry

Checking & Savings Balances will be stated

  1. Savings Balance
  2. Checking Balance
  3. Loan Balances
  4. Other Balances

History Inquiry

  1. Share History
  2. Checking History
  3. Deposit History
  4. Loan History
  5. Set number of transactions


  1. Savings to Checking Transfer
  2. Checking to Loan Transfer
  3. Share to Share Transfer
  4. Loan to Share Transfer
  5. Share to Loan Transfer

Checking Services

  1. Checking Balance
  2. Check Number Inquiry
  3. Check History
  4. Check Copy Request
  5. Check Stop Payment
  6. Check Ordering (will connect you to Harland Clarke )

Loan Information

  1. Loan Balance
  2. Loan Payment Inquiries
  3. Loan Payment History
  4. Loan Pay off Amount


  1. Primary Mortgage (will connect you to Servicing Department)
  2. Second or HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

Year-To-Date Tax Info

  1. IRA Information
  2. Dividend Information
  3. Interest Information

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